2020 Vision

The purpose of Mountainside Bible Chapel is to glorify God by equipping every believer (instruction) to worship and enjoy a personal relationship with God (worship), actively seek the lost (evangelism), serve one another in building up the body of Christ (fellowship).


1) Worship – A Heart for God
Definition: Responding to Who God is, what I am not, His work in my life on the basis of finished work of Christ and the empowering work of the Holy Spirit resulting in presenting my body a living sacrifice for service (Outline of Romans)

  • Reveals – God Reveals Who He is
  • Realize – I realize who I am not
  • Respond – I respond to what He wants me to be

Corporate worship is prepared, to intentionally facilitate the worship of gathered worshipers

2) Instruction – Heart for Truth
Definition: To learn and apply God’s word which results in life transformation

  • Illuminate – God Illuminates His truth
  • Insight – I receive insight on how that truth affects my life
  • Implementation – Implementation of that truth to my life results in transformation

3) Fellowship – A Heart for One Another
Definition: The Fellowship of believers is to participate in each other’s lives by serving one another’s needs in the context of a caring community

  • Equip – God uniquely equips (gifts) each believer for service in the body Gifts
  • Exercise – Each believer faithfully exercises his gift generously
  • Edify!– The body of believers is edified (Grow)

4) Evangelism – Heart for the Lost
Definition: To model Christ and proclaim the gospel to unbelievers

  • Commission & Call – God commission the believer to go and calls the unbeliever to come
  • Cultivate & Communicate – The believer cultivates and communicates the message
  • Completes – God completes the process

Evangelism is the responsibility of each believer and the church corporately

5) Prayer – The Beat of the Heart
Definition: Prayer is God’s plan for mobilizing His purpose for the church. Through prayer we participate with what God is doing by interceding before Him for the ministries of the church.

  • Agreeing – Agreeing with God’s will
  • Asking – Asking for its completion
  • Adoring – Adoring the Results