South Schroon Church

In August 1946 the South Schroon Union Church, mother church of Mountainside Bible Chapel, was discovered by Rev. James Matherly. This quaint, white country church had been closed for three years before the Lord moved Rev. Matherly’s heart to reopen it. The front sign proclaimed the vision of the church: “We Preach Christ Crucified, Risen, and Coming Again.” Many souls were saved and families were grounded in God’s word during Rev. Matherly’s twenty years of ministry.

April 1967 marked the incorporation of Mountainside Bible Chapel with 16 members. Rev. Sidney Buzzell was call to be Pastor. The basement was completed soon after, and the first service in the new building took place on Palm Sunday, 1968. The chapel sanctuary was completed in early 1971. The first service on May 23 was a cause for great celebration. Many people had contributed their time and resources to the building of the church. The new Pastor, Rev. Robert Camilleri, began his ministry on June 27.

Under the direction of Rev. Robert Hibbard, Mountainside Christian Academy began in 1977. On July 1, William Bowman joined the staff as school Headmaster. MCA began with 94 students in grades K-12. During the year a new wing was added to the church building to accommodate the need for offices and additional classrooms.

Expansion continued under the ministry of Dr. Roger Ellison. In October 1984 the Mountianside Activity Center, a beautiful new gym and classroom facility, was dedicated. In 1989 the need for additional classroom space prompted the building of the Mountianside Instructional Center.

The Mountainside Ministry Center, formerly the John Deere property, was donated in 1999 by a Christian businessman. After many improvements the Share Shop and Food Pantry opened to distribute food and clothing. A portion of the building is used as a Teen Ministries Center. Renovations continue.

In 2002 Pastor Ellison retired after 19 years of service. William Bowman became the Administrative Pastor, and Hal Bennett became the Headmaster of MCA.

Rev. David Peterson, our Senior Pastor, and his family began their ministry at MBC in 2005. In 2006 Rev. Doug Mieras retired after many years of serving as Visitation Pastor and Conni Phillips was appointed Principal of Mountainside Christian Academy. In April 2009, after 32 years of faithful ministry, Rev. William Bowman retired. In 2013 Conni Phillips retired as Principal of MCA and Miss Jennie Benson resumed this position.

Over the years there have been much growth and many changes. However, one thing that has not changed is the goal and vision of Mountainside Bible Chapel: “We Preach Christ Crucified, Risen and Coming Again.”