At Mountainside we hold your child’s safety in the highest importance, which is why we’ve developed our Child Protection Plan. This plan includes background checks, an application & commitment statement for potential volunteers. It also includes training on Mountainside’s policies and guidelines for volunteering in our Children’s & Youth Ministries.


MBC Ministries Child Protection Policy (For Parents)

360 safe orientation for parents (a guide to help you understand and discuss safety with your kids)

Parent/Guardian Release Form (Please fill one out for each of your children)

Volunteers and Staff

If you are interested in volunteering or staffing with one of our Children’s or Youth Ministries, you must pass a background check, agree to adhere to our policies, and complete online training.  Once completed, you will be contacted for a final interview with our Education Committee.  We would be so thankful to talk to you about joining our team!

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Module 1 Step 1 - Background check application
Unit 1 Background Check and Commitment Statement
Unit 2 Complete External Training
Unit 3 PMM Training and Quiz Sign-off
Module 2 Step 2 - MBC Child Protection Training
Unit 1 CP Policy Video Training Part 1
Unit 2 CP Policy Video Training Part 2 and Quiz
Module 3 Step 3 - Ministry Application
Unit 1 Ministry Application Form
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Our CPO: (Child Protection Officer) is Eric Messer. You can contact him at with Questions or Concerns.